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Full Version: Moving forums to forums.php
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Hi there, I'd like to do something where I have a splash screen of sorts, one that links to different links of the site, but also having a place to register right on the front.  So as soon as you see, you can enter a username, password, and email, then if you don't want to register, you can click a button to go to forums.php

If any of the items described above require extensive knowledge, I will pay for this work.
Thank you!
put the forum in a "forum" folder and set a new index.php to do what you want in the root folder (with some minor work you can make the portal work the way you want outside the forum folder and it will maintain integration with the overall forum
Eh, thats kind of a workaround for the main goal.
I'm sure it could be done, I just have to figure out how :3
Still looking for some help!
Still looking for some help!