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How you can help!
  • If you have a small to mid-sized database for any of these boards that are willing to trust me having a copy of, please let me know. This will assist in generating & testing these new modules. It will also save a lot of time, since I wont have to try and generate a sufficient sample database to work with.
  • Testing Beta versions of the modules. If you have one of these boards/databases, regardless if you share it with me for the above step or not, and are willing to test beta versions of the software that would be beneficial as well.

Databases we're looking for (especially bold ones):
  • BB Press
  • FluxBB
  • Invision Power Board 3
  • Invision Power Board 4
  • phpBB 3
  • punBB
  • SMF 1.1
  • SMF 2
  • Vanilla
  • vBulletin 3
  • vBulletin 4
  • vBulletin 5
  • WBB Lite
  • WBB 3
  • WBB 4
  • XenForo
I've one of my phpBB3 version of database before I converted to MyBB. Would that help?
That depends on the size of your database. If it's a mid size one we could use it. Feel free to send me some information (file size, number of users/threads) or directly the database Wink
Jovan, I have an SMF 2.0.8 that I can loan you. Total 360 users about 5MB.
Contact me if you want it.
I have a phpBB 3 datebase containing Total posts 919842 • Total topics 70620 • Total members 18519 which I will more than happily let you have as I was looking at converting anyway, and if you can do it, then I know it can be done, feel free to PM me if it's any good.
I've updated the list. We're mainly searching vBulletin databases (3, 4 and 5) at the moment, however you can send us other databases too.
i have vb3 database but arabic lang

Is it suitable ؟

and i have problem in merge vb3 to mybb 1.8
We don't support vB 3 atm due to the amount of known issues.

There's no problem with an arabic database, that helps us to find encoding issues. Feel free to send me your database.
I have an XMB database I can share with you. Let me know what I need to do to get it to you.

I would like to have a way to merge my XMB to MyBB.

The database I can share has 816 topics / 7880 posts / 341 members.
If someone is able to send us a vBulletin 5 database we would love to write a module for it.
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