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Full Version: Remove "Edited" notes from future post editing?
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How do I remove the forced edit note or opt out of adding the edit note on my forum?

What happened to the ability to decline adding the "This post was last modified" bit when you wanted to edit a post on your own forum or did the MyBB group decide that appending the edit note should be forced on everyone who installs the forum?

Is removing the edit notice only available through editing the database?
It's still controlled by settings and working fine on my testing 1.8 forum.

ACP -> Configuration -> Posting -> Show 'edited by' Messages / Show 'edited by' Message for Administrators -> set to No and save.
Guess I've been active on non-MyBB forums too long. I'm so used to seeing the option with the edit reason. I definitely need to change that in the templates or something.