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Full Version: Is my installation of MyBB corrupt?
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I'm having some issues with my installation of MyBB, and I'm not sure if it's something on my end, is my installation corrupt, or there's issue within MyBB.

I installed MyBB using Softaculous, a couple of weeks ago; version was 1.6, and I noticed these issues, but didn't have time to bother with it. I upgraded to 1.8 the other day, and it's still the same.

See these screenshots, please; why are the captions for some fields missing? (Obviously, caption "Username" is missing in this first screenshot, and I don't know what are the captions for the other screenshots...)

[Image: ?di=WK2I]
[Image: ?di=0Q6F]

[Image: ?di=R8IU]
(2014-09-05, 08:10 AM)strugar Wrote: [ -> ]I installed MyBB using Softaculous

There's your issue.

They've probably got missing or outdated files or something in their custom installer. Do you have access to the files when you install with Softaculous?
(2014-09-05, 08:26 AM)Matt. Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have access to the files when you install with Softaculous?

Thank you for reply!

I don't know what do you mean there - I have initiated install from Softaculous, I only set URL, admin name and e-mail, database name, then clicked "Install", and a couple of minutes later, Softaculous told me that MyBB was installed...

Looks like I'll have to install it again manually, huh, and import the database to new installation? Sad
Yeah, they basically create a package to install MyBB for you, but I don't know if you then get access to the file system afterwards. This is why these installers aren't always the best because they don't always set them up right. Is there any sort of file manager available to you?
Yes, of course, I have a file manager in my Cpanel, or I can use FTP client, too.
OK, try downloading a fresh copy of 1.8 and just upload all of it again, overwriting your current files (other than /cache and /uploads). You won't lose any data, but it should fix the broken files.
Matt, thanks a lot for advice, I did so, and now everything is fine, no missing captions! In fact, I see I was missing the entire section: in screenshot above, "Miscellanous" is the last section, but now I see there is another section after that, "Moderator CP".

This automatic installation by Softaculous seems flawed; for example, directory "Install" was still there, and also directory "Inc" contained both config.default.php and config.php files - they obviously didn't rename the first one into second, as instructions say, but keep both files.

And I remember when I had Fantastico De Luxe, and when Softaculous emerged, it was great news. Now, it seems they are in decline - last month, my provider (not the one where I installed this forum, another one) replaced Softaculous with Installatron, they probly consider it better choice.

Anyway, thanks for help once again! Smile
Yeah, generally these things aren't great. They often don't update to new versions, miss files like this, it's always best to install it yourself if possible, but glad it's all working now! Smile
This looks like the old language file was used Big Grin
Changing your default theme of mybb 1.8 also fixes this solution.