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Full Version: Aussie Talk
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We just launched Aussie Talk, what do you think? Shy
Nice forum, the logo looks good Smile

But those stars don't quite blend in well with the rest of the theme. It's nothing big though. Aside from that, good job.
I am with PwnEm on this one. Your logo is awesome! Loads easy and looks great. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the comments, yeah I need to do something with the stars!
We have just added a custom button set to the forum.

Here's an example of the new ON gif

[Image: on.gif]

Some feedback would be great! Big Grin
Very nice header! LOL you certainly played on the typical 'Aussie' theme I like it.
You have the basis for a great community there - I wish you luck from a fellow Aussie!
Like the updated graphics they seem to fit well with your skin. I like it overall it has a cool feel to it and is easy to navigate +

Best of luck.

I am american so no english forum? XD kidding.


Thanks piXelatedEmpire and Zenko for the well wishes, I think that it will eventually take off, it just takes a lot of time and effort promoting it
Yeah that's definitely going to take time but motivation and inspiration is always good to have.

Oh yeah almost forgot to comment on the kangaroo, he looks so cool and funny Smile

Well the forum looks nice in design and content so no problem there ^^;