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Full Version: adding demo images to projects
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I was wondering if any of the team here could tell me how I add a demo image to submissions to the MyBB Extend projects?

I just submitted a yellow smilie pack I made for my own forum and wanted to share with folk here but I couldn't see an area for demo images to be included with the project!
Find your submission on the Mods Site. On the right hand side there should be a yellow box titled "Collaborator Options", within that box is a link titled "Manage Previews". Smile
Fantastic, all done, thank you very much for your kind guidance. :smile:
We've added a Smilies sub-category in Graphics so can you please categorise your project there instead of Misc? Smile
How do I do that, I have looked in the options for edit and cannot see a way of changing the category!
Yep, I don't think you can change the category at the moment. But it will be added. @JordanMussi:
Oh whoops. My apologies. Blush
Thank you for the clarification and no problem there at all Jordan, I have more graphic packs to be uploaded here just need time to get them all together is all.
You should be able to change the category on the Edit Project page now.
(2014-09-06, 09:18 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: [ -> ]You should be able to change the category on the Edit Project page now.

I have just moved them, thank you for letting me know.  Smile