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Full Version: How to get Names to look bolder?
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to make some usernames conspicuously bold on showthread.php, member profile, who's online etc. I tried using HTML tags on the Usergroup thing, but it doesn't work >_<. Any ideas?
as far as i know, you can only do it on groups, not usernames this is probably like this because mybb features username changing for the user's which means, they could go into change their name and add w/e code they wanted to it, so this is a security reason probably..
so to do it with the user groups:

you have to go into: admin cp -> users and groups -> manage groups -> *group u want* -> edit profile and options -> go button -> username style ->

insert this code there
Poison: I tried that, but that didn't cut it.

It didn't make any difference.
That is because they're already bold Wink
Big Grin!
Hmm, is there a way to make regular member's names UN-Bold then?
edit the postbit template, remove the <strong> and </strong> from around the $post[username] then for each group you want bold set it as the username style..
Hmm... Still no effect though. And the funny thing is, they are bold in "Who's Online" but not bold in showthread.