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Full Version: Change Background Color
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I took this screenshot while i was sending a pm.
[Image: th_autumn_zps69eb89b8.png]
The black color is what I would like to change. Thank you.

Feels dumb. Found it.
Go to .css in templates or theme and go in advanced mode and then change the color
Please pm me with your forum link and some demo login so that i can see and try to fix.

Thank you!
It's easy to do:

In Admin CP go to Templates & Style, on the left click Themes, then click the theme you are using. Click global.css then in the selector box scroll down and choose body, the top one is your background.

You can change the colour or if you prefer you can add an image by using this
url(Put the URL of your image here)

Job done.
@all 3 replies above, it's marked as solved and OP said he found it.. Closing.