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Full Version: Jquery conflict // Mybb Editor Not Showing
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i just upgrade to mybb 1.8 from 1.6.5 
and i want report many here.

1. Jquery conflict 

- can't collapse
- can't do any think with jquery 

[Image: screenshot.png]

2. Mybb editor not showing

[Image: screenshot.png]

3. Wrong Thanks Image

Before Upgrade
[Image: screenshot.png]

After Upgrade

[Image: screenshot.png]

Hope your help here Smile
It's not a MyBB bug, moving to support.

1. and 2. - show your headerinclude template.
3. What's the actual URL of your forum? Also, keep in mind that Thanks plugin is not compatible with 1.8 and its Prototype JS may cause problems.
You use styles from MyBB 1.6 and all old styles need to repair most templates not only headerinclude...
Old plugin thanks 3.9.1 can be compatible if you use new thx.js file for MyBB 1.8.
Image button for thanks can be improved if you replace some image url in file inc/plugins/thx.php