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Full Version: Changes in style sheet not applying
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I'm helping to skin a forum for a friend ( or sometimes To do so, I have based my skin off the site's original skin.

However, my attempts to save changes in the skin's global.css haven't been working. I have managed to make only one change to the skin (the BG color for the header), while all future changes have not applied.

Things I've tried:
-Cleared my cache
-Used a different browser (cleared that browser's cache as well)
-Attempted both Simple and Advanced methods for editing

I've never had this happen before. I'm uncertain why this is occurring. Any ideas/advice?
Are they using Cloudflare? If so you need to have them purge the cache for you to see the changes. If you are going to be developing a new skin you should set Cloudflare to developer mode so you can see the edits on the fly. Hope this gives you an idea of what could be wrong.