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Full Version: Adding the plugins
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I've stated before that I'm new to this I've done all the tuts on how to add but I'm getting stuck!
In your cpanel do you upload everything with a .php in specific areas like example,
Upload rifles.php to inc plugins then if there is a rifles.lang.php upload that in the inc > language > English and so on! Sorry if this question is stupid! Just very new

Thank you
^ yes, it is like as you said.
plugin files in general are organized in folders and you can follow that folders structure

replies here might help
Is there a quicker way on how to do this? as sometimes id have to upload like 20 files in different area
^ if you use a ftp client (eg. filezilla / fireftp add-on for firefox) then you
can drag & drop folders & files easily to the ftp client and they get uploaded.

if plugin pack consists a folder named upload then the contents of that folder can be
directly dragged & dropped to the root folder of your MyBB files server (eg. public_html)

if you are running MyBB 1.6.x version then you can use Plugin Uploader
will an update 1.8 version of the plugin uploader be released?
^ yes, there is a possibility in near future