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Full Version: Upgrade 1.6.15 -> 1.8.0 Ip Conversion posts
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The Conversion of the field "ipaddress" in Table mybb_posts takes ages.
I had to clear the field to get the Update doneĀ  (I have >750000 postings and it took longer than 3 hours or the first 150000 Postings) .

If anyone runs into the same Problem, clear the field before you run the upgrade:
update mybb_posts set ipaddress='';
The problem is that the way IP addresses are stored has changed to accommodate IPv6 addresses (past versions of MyBB did not support IPv6). Clearing the field will obviously speed things up, but you will lose a significant amount of potentially useful data. It may be quicker to run a script via the command line to upgrade the IP addresses, but I'm not aware of anybody else having tried to do so.

By the way, you may consider joining the Big Board Owners group based on the number of posts you have. You can apply to join this group here: - there tends to be lots of useful information for bigger boards available in the forums you can access as part of this group.
Rejecting this as it is pretty obvious that updating 750k posts takes a while.
I don't care about Ip Adresses thats why i just removed it.

Thanks & best regards.
Still, I am curious with the upgrade script "failed" for big forum (innoDB) Smile
I think I am gonna try it this weekend