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Full Version: backup
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I in deep trouble now
I already upgrade to 1.8  but I seen it totally new.. not a previous my forum
how can I use back my backup... I try click at my existing backup file but nothing

can u all help me
can we have your forum url ?
do you need help in fixing your forum for MyBB 1.8 or have you decided to revert to MyBB 1.6.x

to go back to earlier version, you need full back up (i.e backup of files and database)
1. put forum offline
2. re-upload earlier version's files.
3. import the database backup to web server (through web host panel - eg. with phpMyAdmin)
4. open ./inc/config.php file and check for correct details of database

if everything is fine then your forum reverts back to earlier version of MyBB

I like to use 1.8 version but want use my old database  coz a lot item inside
haven't you heard of upgrading MyBB forum from 1.6.x version to 1.8 version!
see upgrading guidance
maybe I do wrong...