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Full Version: Postbit?
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Hello, I am trying to get this to extend it's height to fit the post, Basically here is what it currently looks like with more text -  [Image: 7f15d37ff50dc50acb14c55c1ef2c75c.png]

this is what it usually looks like with minimum text- 
[Image: 538cc08c1189bb27bd25ec2539547442.png]

I want the first image to look like this :
[Image: dfca46e2b7e67abc9efcdee414543b2d.png]

without effecting the postbit in the 2 image if that makes sense. 
If you're using a theme that uses tables, just set the background color of that TD cell to be the lighter gray color you want.

If you're using divs, well...designers have been trying to solve that two column problem with different backgrounds for years. Some work betters than others, so you'll want to google some of the suggestions that people have for that.
I'm using divs, changing the height of the postbit itself seemed to work but didn't as it changed all the postbits heights.