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Full Version: Multiple Usergroups
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Hi There!

I am currently working on a forum that requires the set image / star for every user group chosen for the user to shown when they post. For example I am using userbars as the Usergroups image and I have added in subscription bars but currently only my administration bar shows.

Is there any possible way (1.8 Plugin (Preferably Free)) to make it possible to show multiple Usergroup images in the post bit?

EDIT: I have recently moved down from vBulletin with the feature so it is a little weird not having it automatically on the forum.
Well the plugin I found is for the 1.6 series: You can try changing the compatibility line to say 18* instead, but I can't guarantee it will work.
Thank You!
I'll try it out but if not downgrade to 1.6 Smile