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Wow, I haven't even had a chance to ruin anything yet and I'm already getting error messages ;-)

As would be expected, the Error Message is in techno-talk(why can't humans write these things?)

Surely, there must be a more "digestible" way of wording these messages?

I'd be okay with slightly sarcastic: "Hey dummy, check your Custom Profile fields for the following..and then hit save"

Anyway, I have no idea what this means or how to resolve it.


Techno error messages allow those who understand them to see what's going on haha. It's easy to accidentally miss things when writing a large amount of code. Toungue

What's the error message, and what is the process for reproducing the error?

I attached the message in my original post..which took longer than necessary as I finally realized that I also had to select "Add Attachment"..why the extra step is anyone's guess..but I digress.

Appreciate your help..

I'm assuming this is in the ACP? Did the upgrader give you any strange issues by any chance?

It's most likely an issue with the upgrader.
No..I re-installed with 1.8 Upload file
can you post list of plugins in activated state - btw, have you deactivated the plugins before upgrading ?
Actually the issue is not in ACP but when trying to Edit my profile in the actual forum

Brand spanking new to plugins

So, I get that error message when clicking on "Edit Profile" in the User CP as per attachment.
Ah, well that seems pretty odd in that case. I just tested custom profile fields on a fresh install and on a forum that was upgraded. Worked fine for me. Could be a 1.8.0 bug.

So essentially, you have a custom profile field, and it shows currently in the ACP, but when you attempt to edit your profile, the error is generated when you submit?
Tell me about it..

So, I deleted the custom field that I created as I figured that was the source of the issue. But the issue still exists in the UCP as stated below.

Net net, in the User CP, as per my most recent attachment, I get that error message when I click on "Edit Profile" at the top of the tree on the left margin.

But I'm able to access the folders right below it w/o the error message.

In the ACP, there's no issue at all as I'm able to "Edit User"..

domain/usercp.php?action=profile is the URL that elicits the error message yet

domain/usercp.php?action=changename works fine and so does


Can anything be garnered from knowing the URL that causes this issue?

Also, I wanted to create a bunch of Test Registrations with different users/email addresses that I control.

Am I able to do this as when I hit Register, it fills in my Admin Username & Password.

Thanks so to bed..late here in NYC :-)
Are your files up-to-date? I assume not because 'hidden' was renamed to 'profile' in 1.8
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