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Full Version: No plugins showing up
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I know my issue is with plugins but as its across the board theres obviously something simple gone wrong on my site. All the plugins are for 1.8 except the last which was created for us. All come up as activated and allow me to change settings but then nothing, no additional features. The plugins are:

Multiple Usergroup Images on Postbit (1.1)
Displays secondary usergroup images on the postbit along with the primary usergroup image.
Created by Darth Apple

Board Announcements Manager (1.0)
Allows you to create and manage announcements in your forum header.
Created by Darth Apple

Quick Advanced Editor (4.0.0)
Advanced editor in quick reply
Created by martec

Report Once (1.1)
Report Once only allows posts to be reported one time.
Created by Vernier
Return to top postbit button (1.8)
Adds a 'Return to Top' button to the postbit.
Created by Matt Rogowski
Snowstorm (1.4)
Shows a snowstorm on your forums. Snowstorm js by Scott Schiller
Created by juventiner
Thanks system (2.4.3)
Add a new button on forums where apply to thanks users
Created by Dark Neo

User Tagging (1.2.1)
Adds the ability to tag other users in posts. Also sends PM from tagging user to tagged user.
Created by Jeremiah Johnson

Who Reped (0.2)
Shows a box underneath each post which has been reped earlier by users.
Created by Yaldaram
check if changed settings are actually stored in the database. they should reflect in settings.php file
Also run file verification tool to find changed / missing php files
Did you recently install a theme by any chance? If the plugins add settings and can be configured, they probably installed correctly, and may just need to be reactivated for new themes.
Let me know if you've upgraded from 1.6.
If so then had you deactivated your all plugins before doing so?

Clear the cache, it might solve the issue as it worked for someone too.
File verification only shows that hello.php and index.php are missing. I know hello is a default plugin that I removed but I dont recall ever deleting index.php

inc/settings.php shows all the plugins ans many more than I deleted, it also shows $settings['no_plugins'] = "1"; is that correct?
^ oh, no. check if plugins are disabled at General Configuration settings.
in my admin cp under configuration all are enabled
^ I am referring to this :
Admin Panel >> Configuration >> Settings >> General Configuration --> Disable All Plugins <-- should be set to No
ok so was getting an error message after that but removed a plugin and the error went. Out of the remaining plugins, snow works, 
thanks works,
multiple usergroups works

who repped not working
return to top not working
smilies in quick reply still not showing
deactivate report once plugin - it is not required as similar feature is implemented in MyBB 1.8 - that should fix referred issue
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