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Full Version: "subject is too long" ERROR just on post preview
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"subject is too long" ERROR in "Preview Post" mode

error message:

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
The subject is too long. Please enter a subject shorter than 85 characters (currently 88).

i tested on this thread:
There's nothing really wrong with that, really. But I guess we could add an exception to this if it is "Re: Thread title". That would be easy enough to do if people are fine with that and someone pushes it to Git so I can do a PR.
1.8.1 deferred

if($subject_length > 85) to if($subject_length > 89) try.
Why rejected, it is still broken
It isn't broken as such, but we could add an exception if it's a "Re: original title" subject.

If someone can push this to the Github, I can do this.
It's a duplicate - if you click on the link above you'll see the original report...
Ah, fair enough then.