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Full Version: Add/Edit Register questions
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[Image: 8a72301b7e.png]

How I add more questions like that? I can't see the option "edit register questions" on my Admin Panel.
I just need translate it and add more questions.
AdminCP -> Configuration > Security Questions
[Image: 1a8f080367ca57c7f8a15bb2a954419c.png]
That option don't appears on my Admin Panel.
Can somebody give me an example url please?

of course that will lead you to a 404 page as "admin" is not my real admin directory
Oh, I used it on my forum and it says that I don't have permisson, how can i fix it?
Are you the one who created the forum or are you a sub-admin with permissions designated by the owner?

If you are a sub-admin, ask your owner for extra permissions or guide him yourself.
If you are the creator, something went wrong.
Yes, something went wrong.
I updated from MyBB 1.6.x
How can I correct it?
I will edit/add from phpmyadmin, but I can't edit/add them from that place all the time.
if you upgraded, you need to update your admin directory.
( they both exist )

delete oldadmin and rename admin to oldadmin
ACP -> Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions ->User/Group Permissions -> [your username/group] -> check if Can manage security questions? is set to Yes
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