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Full Version: Code, plss ?
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I am trying to add a javascript code on my forum and i tried by adding the code on 
 My template and >> Headerinclude , but still don't work. Any Idea where to add the javascript code ?
what is the code you wanted to add ? can you post it wrapped in php / code tags here
The place is correct but may be you'll having a bad format of that java script code or might be placing at the wrong line.
This is the code :
<div id="spot-im-root"></div><script>!function(t,e,o){function p(){var t=e.createElement("script");t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src=("https:"==e.location.protocol?"https":"http")+":"+o,e.body.appendChild(t)}t.spotId="f3d725b9de164ada108681a5e7209745",t.spotName="",t.allowDesktop=!0,t.allowMobile=!1,t.containerId="spot-im-root",p()}(window.SPOTIM={},document,"//");</script>
^ you can put that code in header template or in footer template (at the bottom of header / footer)
@.m Thank you dude, now it works , thanks again Smile