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Full Version: "Written by mobile version"
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Hello everyone!

As you can see from here: when a message is written by mobile version, appears that gif / icon ...

It is contained in the postbit template:

<div class = "post_manage"> <span style = "float: left;"> <img src = "{$ mybb-> settings ['bburl']} / {$ theme ['imgdir']} / {$ _ posted post ['mobile']}. gif "alt =" "width =" {$ post ['mobile']} 8 "height =" {$ post ['mobile']} 8 "title =" Written by mobile version "/> </ span> 

I wish that when a message is written by the mobile version, this icon does not appear, but I would like it to appear a phrase: , font style italic and font size 8px...

It is possible?

You tell me what to change / replace to do this?