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Full Version: Time of last post disappaered
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Hello guys,
I have a little problem in my new 1.8 version of Mybb.
On index and forum sections the time of the last post of a particulat thread is disappeared. 
How to fix?
[Image: 60752d031498d5baf6c8077e45707438.png]
Add {$lastpost_date} to forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost template.

<span class="smalltext">
<a href="{$lastpost_link}" title="{$full_lastpost_subject}"><strong>{$lastpost_subject}</strong></a></span> <br />
<span class="smalltext">{$lastpost_date}</span> &nbsp;</span> {$lang->by} {$lastpost_profilelink}  <a href="{$lastpost_link}" title="{$full_lastpost_subject}"><i style="font-size: 10px;" class="fa fa-fa icon-double-angle-right fa-1g"></i></a>

where should I put another lastpost_date?
Is this the forum?

If yes, the dates display just fine for me everywhere.. Try pressing CTRL + F5 and SHIFT + F5.
My users say that it doesn't show.... Mhhh
Can you give me an image of what you see?
up this post pls
Now some disappered for me too.

Try running all Recounts & Rebuilds in ACP -> Tools & Maintenance. Also rebuild everything in Cache Manager. If this doesn't help, show your plugin list.
Suddenly I got the same issue. Have not changed anything today, and one member posted 3 posts, and the last one is without time,,,and if I try to post now, it's without time.

Have rebuild cache, ctrl+F5 on browser, checked that {$lastpost_date} to forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost template is in template.

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