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Full Version: [How To?] i add it to mybb 1.8 ?
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Im so sorry I do not know the name of it 

[Image: d5b51f252e.png]
It is the Editor for posting messages.
there is a admin panel setting to enable it and also user control panel option to use it.

by default Editor should be turned ON for all.
if you have a problem with it then would you like to PM me temporary access to admin panel.
Can i ask u where is the panel?

[Image: 13fe8d3777.png]
^ at that Configuration Settings
Clickable Smilies and BB Code >> Clickable MyCode Editor --> On

at user control panel
Edit Options --> Other Options --> Show the MyCode formatting options on the posting pages --> check in
It all on/yes Why i do not see it?
We need your board URL and a testing account.
create a test user account and give login details so that someone can check the issue
admin panel >> users & groups >> users >> Create New User
I pm u
^ fixed. the issue was related to jQuery functions used in the theme