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Full Version: Myred 1.8 new posts icon
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Firstly let me say how much i love the new site and the 1.8 software. 

i am using the My Red theme which fayaman has released. i want to change the new post/locked topic icons in the forum ( i only want to change the colour) but for some reason i am struggling to get them to change. any ideas? i see that all the icons are incorprated in a single PNG not sure how that works tbh i want to change them from the default gray to a green colour.

The way the single image works is MyBB shows a different part of it depending on what is needed.

So what you would do is modify a copy of that file (forum_icon_sprite.png) to show the colors you want. Or, what I did, which was create individual icons and then paste them onto a new version of forum_icon_sprite.png One thing, though. If you change the overall size of the icons, so four of them no longer fit neatly onto the size of forum_icon_sprite.png, you will also need to change the folder status statements in global css.

If you also want to modify the thread status icons, they are on folders_sprite.png, and their css is in thread_status.css
i suspected thats how they worked i will have a go at that mate (which is pretty much what i had resigned myself to doing)