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Full Version: How is this possible ?
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Recently I got the error on the index.php page. I suspect sm1 changed the index.php code how is it possible as I have only access to my FTP and webhost. After I replaced it with new index.php file it worked. I have faced this kind of problem couple of times. Last it said hacked by Crazy hacker like that msg etc

[Image: gnR3wuc.png]
If you were hacked and some of the core files were changed, I'd recommend replacing all of the core files entirely and importing a database backup of your forum. It's not unlikely that something else may have been changed.
What about the plugins and others thinks do I have to manually check them, and upload
To me that looks like like the kind of thing that happens when you're double-gzipping your output. Check what your output compression settings in MyBB are set to.

That said, following up from what Darth Apple said, if you run the file verification from your admin panel, does it list any files as being changed?
Are you talking about this [Image: kBdBzVE.png]

Rest files are fine [Image: WOSJiNw.png].

I'm afraid Last time I had some problems on other websites all index page got changed.
^ gzip compression level should be decreased (3 or 4 should be fine)
If you believe it to be a hacker, it is possible they somehow managed to get your password.  I would change all of those.  Cpanel (or another panel) if you have one and your ftp account.