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Full Version: How does one change the "Thread Title"?
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It seems such a basic question but I cannot find anything about how to do this in any of the documentation.

This is my forum:

1.8 version, newly set up.

I have found excellent docs on setup/install but next to nothing on the use of myBB from the end user's standpoint.

Please someone point me to where there is documentation.

Also, please someone specifically tell me how to rename a thread.

Best regards and thanks in advance Smile
in general, thread title is edited by using full edit of the first post of the thread.
(click on edit button below the first post. little popup appears with quick edit & full edit links)
Ah, thank you very much for the answer. Please leave this thread here so that other newbies may search to it.

This not only helps me with this specific operational detail but also gives a lot of clues as to the general operation of everything.

In other words, my next 7 silly questions have just been cleared off the table.

Best regards and congrats on a nice product.
^ glad that my simple response helped you much. we all try to learn new things in step by step ..