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Full Version: modify profile box in classic mode to have a border from the top to the buttom
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Hi all, guys im trying to make the classic mode profile box to look more classic, i want the border right of the profile box to be from up to down

[Image: 18U7Czi.png]

i want to have a border there, like here:

[Image: 8bVHm8C.jpg]

Forum url?
i finaly managed to use my old 1.6 postbit_classic, and this is want im getting:

[Image: eHbjOho.png]

here as u can see, i added a space <br /> on the up side, but now is to much space between the posts, i would like to reduce the space between the posts

[Image: e1zSyQO.png]

im using the theme "Square", here is my temporal forum: , i would like to reduce the space between posts and keep the space up between the thread title and post date bar, i dont know how to explain sorry