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Full Version: Prevent moderators from posting in closed threads?
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I've been searching and searching, but I can't find how to prevent moderators and supermoderators from posting in closed threads.
Who can help me here?


Fixed it myself by editing following files:

Open ./showthread.php file and find:
if($forumpermissions['canpostreplys'] != 0 && $mybb->user['suspendposting'] != 1 && ($thread['closed'] != 1 || is_moderator($fid)) && $mybb->settings['quickreply'] != 0 && $mybb->user['showquickreply'] != '0' && $forum['open'] != 0)

Replace it with
if($forumpermissions['canpostreplys'] != 0 && $mybb->user['suspendposting'] != 1 && ($thread['closed'] != 1) && $mybb->settings['quickreply'] != 0 && $mybb->user['showquickreply'] != '0' && $forum['open'] != 0)

Open ./newreply.php file and find:
if(!is_moderator($fid, "canpostclosedthreads"))

Replace with:
if(is_moderator($fid, "canpostclosedthreads"))
I've done that, but it won't let me post in closed threads. Shouldn't the admin be an exception?
Or, you can do it editing the moderator options of a specific category/forum.

Go Forums & Posts, open your forum/category where would you like to apply this option, open the "Moderators" tab and add a new usergroup as moderator to the specific forum. Then you can set specific permission for specific forums/categories for specific usergroups (moderators or whatever).