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Full Version: Broken icons?
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I am making my own theme and I changed one icon (the exclamation point) and it stopped working, but my dev tools in chrome, says it's linked correctly. It was working before and all I did was replace it with a FTP. Same name, size, everything.

Here's the link to the page:
~/images//icons/exclamation.png => 404 not found - check again its file permissions
(2014-09-25, 03:32 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]~/images//icons/exclamation.png => 404 not found - check again its file permissions

It has the same permissions as every other icon. I just gave it full permission and still did not work.
The full link doesn't work either.
A 404 is a not found error a 403 would be permissions.
Can you check if the file does exist?

EDIT: Found the error. You misspelled the name of the icon file.

[Image: Y1mHzdz.png]
same issue on my forum you just rename images name like gif to png and then check it out i hope issue resolved
It's not only the .gif which should be renamed to .png in the ACP but also the name of the file is exclamanation.png and not exclamation.png.