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Full Version: for dumbasses like myself!
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I just spent the last several hours hunting down needed mods at I missed the "Site in read-only mode" message at the top because it looks like it's part of the default design and my subconscious didn't care to look closely at it.

I was about to post about the SMALLINT hitting its maximum in the Popular Downloads page (32767) when I noticed this thread about the Extend page and realized I was in the wrong place the whole time.

I'm usually the detail-oriented one, but this time you humbled me.

On that note, I highly recommend making that "Site in read-only mode" message much more noticeable...


...give or take. Food for thought.
To be honest, I don't really see how that message could be more obvious without breaking out the bright shades of flashing red. Then again, I miss obvious stuff all the time, can't exactly judge. Toungue

I do wish there was an easier way to release MyBB 1.6 mods as MyBB 1.6 is still in active use by a lot of people, but I can see their reasoning for making it read only. It's extra time for them to maintain where new developers are already looking at 1.8. I think that within a few months, there will be a very nice database of 1.8 themes and plugins available. And hey, the new mod site doesn't use a smallint to store download counts. Toungue