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Full Version: Need Help With The Postbit.
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So I am having difficulties editing the postbit. The alignment of the text seems to be fine. But I've noticed that there is a slight issue. For example when it says: 'Reputation:0', I want it to be: 'Reputation: 0'. I need spaces in between some postbit text. And I believe that some images are out of place.

In your screenshot, I see that it is already 'Reputation: 0' (with a whitespace between ':' and '0').
[Image: fPBLdEV.png]
Anyway, assuming that you use the latest version (MyBB 1.8), you can change it by editing AdminCP->Templates&Style->Templates->(edit) Template Name (used by theme)->Post Bit Templates and
-> postbit_reputation // for 'Reputation'
-> postbit_warninglevel // for 'Warning Level'
-> postbit_author_user // for 'Posts', 'Threads' or 'Joined'

(2014-09-27, 11:43 AM)Kovexel Wrote: [ -> ]And I believe that some images are out of place.
What images? What theme do you use?
Thank you for the reply. I've fixed this issue by merging another theme's postbit, with my currents theme postbit.