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Full Version: Change Navigation Bar MyBB 1.8
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Hi there guys,

I was just thinking of how I can change the navigation bar on my website to my custom links and pages. Iv'e looked around and can't seem to find any tutorials for mybb 1.8.

Can anyone help me in this process?

Thanks in advance,
this guidance meant for MyBB 1.6 might be helpful
Hi m.m,

I looked through the tutorial and did the following steps as shown and then attempted to add my own navigation buttons but when doing this it just disappears or doesn't appear on the navigation bar.



Any help?

^ can we have your forum url
Sure this it is

I've managed to enter the points navigation button but cant seem to fix the picture problem
^ have you added required image file in ~/images/toplinks/ folder of your MyBB files server ?
yes the image comes up fine of firefox but chrome and explorer dont seem to

And also where can i find my toplinks directory to view all the avatars

EDIT: In my images directory i dont have a toplinks directory


Ahh i know its because i was on default theme, ive switch the theme around and its working fine now, thank you for your help