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Full Version: Moderation 'a postiori' and 'a priori' (before and after)
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Hello !

MyBB enable a moderation 'a priori'. I explain :
I use a script to post on my forum. When I look, the post is red/rose and I must validate it by moderation if I want it quite normal (and, I suppose, visible for every members).

Where (in dashboard) and how can I desactivate this moderation 'a priori' ?

Of course, I didn't want desactivate moderation a postiori. If anyone write bad things, I wish I could moderate his post. I want my accept automatic.

But, perhaps it's because it's a script and I forgot something in this ?


Sorry ! I haven't see the column 'visible' Big Grin
I guess it's solved. I tell you tomorrow Wink