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Full Version: Showcase Description Needs edited
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The description says: Show off your copy of MyBB here! You can also show off your own website as long as it is running MyBB.

After dealing with a hostile staff member that was threatening me to warn me for asking for a clear explanation why I was unable to be sumitted into showcasing my MyBB forum.

I suggest changing your description because it contradicts what your guidelines says. Your description makes it sound like ALL forums who use MyBB are free to showcase their forum. Not only big board MyBB forums as it seems considering what happen with my experience. Only reason why I am suggesting this so other members of the community won't have to deal with hostile mybb staff members.
Sticky at the top of the forum:

I think it's fairly clear, but if you have a suggestion for a better description we'll definitely listen Smile
Quoting directly from the Showcase rules:


The MyBB Showcase is for showing off an existing community and should not be used as a starting point for advertising a new forum.

The aim of the Showcase forum is to demonstrate the potential of MyBB. If your forum is new and empty please customize it and build content before posting in this forum.

Given the position of this notice and the emphasized formatting one could and should presume this is a mandatory condition. You were using the reporting system to report a post that didn't break any rules, obviosly you were 'verbally' warned. Even though the staff member could've gone past this and increase your warning level, he didn't.

I would say change the topic title to 'Showcase Forum Needs reading'.

This topic is going to get closed as the discussion you had with the team was private.

Please read the rules before, they are there for a reason.