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Full Version: Deleting a forum also deletes it's topics and posts?
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Today I removed a forum from my board. Some members of the forum I am adminĀ  on are now missing some topics and posts. Is there a way to get them back, as I don't see them in the database anymore, not even with PHPMyAdmin. I think it's quite remarkable that when a forum gets deleted the topics and messages inside a forum disappear too (from the database). Or maybe I am doing something wrong, anyone have any ideas besides restoring from back-ups?

I am still on MyBB 1.6, as I'm waiting for an update on the theme we use on our site.
Did you make a backup? I am pretty sure before you delete a forum, it asks you either to move those posts or to delete them. I could be wrong.
When deleting the forum you should have got a warning message that all threads/posts would be removed. Unless you have a backup, there's no way to get them back.
I did not receive a any warning or whatsoever about topics and posts, it just deleted the forum and it's topics and posts along the way.
I am trying to download a backup from the hoster, but I seem to download a corrupt file (I am still trying to download though).

My friend and I can't seem to get a valid backup downloaded, so we've given up. Marking topic as solved.
^ your web host might be able to provide you a good backup - contact them