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Full Version: Editor and smilies lost when upgrading myBB to 1.8
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i have problem on my forum when upgrade myBB to 1.8. Editor and smilies lost like this :

[Image: why.png]

How to fix it?  Undecided
can we have forum url & test user account
When I updated my forum I had similar problem. What I can suggest you is, go to headerinclude template. Copy all the stuff, save it in some sort of notepad.
Then revert the headerinclude template to original template. You will see the editor and smilies now. The procedure I told you, will just show you what the problem is, however by doing this your theme may not work.
The problem is 1.8 is not compatible with 1.6 themes, so you need to add some new 1.8 compatible theme for 1.8 to work properly.