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Full Version: Single user cannot login
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Okay, this one has me perplexed. She can't login. She's a super moderator. I think she tried multiple times and failed, and then clicked on reset password (perhaps multiple times because each time, no password would work.

I personally changed her password and attempted to sign in from Chrome, Firefox, and IE, to no avail. I tried both username and email (both are selected in admin as login options).

Then, I decided to check other peoples' accounts with the same password as hers and got in the first time with all 3.

So then I thought she's stuck in the penalty box for sign ins. I went into admin and bumped up # of failed logins to 100 and failed attempts before verification to 100. Still couldn't get in. I turned those two completely off to 0, still can't get in.

Is there a way to reset a user login?
Where can I find out how many failed attempts?
Is there a cache problem somewhere?

Not sure else what to ask. I'm out of options/thoughts.

Thanks for the help.

Website login:

UPDATE: approx 30 minutes later, user can log in. Was this because of expiration of login penalty box or because I zeroed out the # of login attempts before verification? Still would like answers to my questions if you don't mind. Thank you.
database consists of loginattempts field in the users table. you can check that.

there is a bug related with login with user name & email.
if you have not fixed it then you should use login with user name option only