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Full Version: new view in users
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Hello @ll,
I would like to make a new view , for example, all newly registered.

I do not understand what to do here:

[Image: 6jd5q8.jpg]

Error message:
The following errors were encountered:
You did not select any fields to display on this view

Can someone explain to me ?

some fields from disabled column need to be dragged to enabled column for creating users view.
those fields are displayed when we use that users view.
Thank you my friend :m:,
I understand that the fields are displaceable by dragging( I never would have thought of it ! )

I have create new view and know I have this:

[Image: ddcqbc.jpg]

Where can I delete these views ? Edit or that these strange characters no longer appear ?

re :m: ,
It is incredibly beautiful , how much I learn today from you . Many thanks ! Problem solved!

[Image: laurelhardy.gif]


I have create new view (unregistred member, new Member and member).
However, unregistered users appear not alone, there are all the other users here ?

Our unregistered have color blue.

[Image: fu9jdg.jpg]

Where did I miss something ? Unfortunately, I can not edit anything more ...

I can not delete the views ... is there a way to delete the Views?

And when I go to the view manager, nother appears?

[Image: 2iqztxc.jpg]

Lightbulb  Lightbulb

THX for your answer!


ps. many, many questions, I know .. sorry ...