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Full Version: advanced editor background color ?
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how to change the advanced editor background color ? 
my theme is dark thats why i want to change the bg color


[Image: 542980c4594f3.png]
Try adding the following css-code:
.sceditor-container textarea {
didnt work
.sceditor-container textarea {
background: #101010;
add background-color in{
background-color: #000000;

KEEP with and hight, just add background-color, change #000000 to fit your need
tnx BaggerHD.

you should edit the css of editor.for this you must go to host panel managment(Cpanel,DirectAdmin,...)
jscripts>sceditor>editor_theme>edit active theme of editor of your forum.(in theme of forum can be change the editor theme)

here you can find all styles.

if you want change the background color in all where of editor
1- .sceditor-container
2- .sceditor-container .sceditor-toolbar, .sceditor-container iframe, .sceditor-container textarea

set the background color for this two classes.
thanks firstboy000 but i tried to change the text color of the editor its not changing its still black ?

change color on line 7 to your needs

to be found in

open jquery.sceditor.mybb.css with notepad++ and change color on line 7
This is also a place where you can change background color,, make that in line 8

BUT make a note for your self about this change, a new jscript update will change this settings, and you'll have to make the change again.