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Full Version: Quit refreshing after every save, extremely annoying.
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It's extremely annoying to work in the CSS or Template editor when all it does it flip back to the top after every save making me ctrl+F my way back! This seriously cuts into my time ALOT. Is there anyway around this as I would say "broken" feature?
Someone made an ajax stylesheet editor plugin that fixes that. I haven't tested it, but it may be worth checking out.
Yeah use Shade's plugin. For someone like me that spends 8+ hours a day in the editor, that plugin is a life saver.

It works great btw, sometimes it won't save the template but it doesn't happen often and you just have to navigate back to it.
I totally agree with the others, the plugin is extremely useful. Just be sure to stay in the advanced editor then; the simple one always triggers popups if you want to save.
Sorry for the late bump, just a reminder to inform you that FASTyle has been updated with significant enhancements such as the ability to save with CTRL (CMD) + S keyboard shortcut, simple mode support and a smoother user experience.