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Full Version: Where can I edit this button ?
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Where can I edit this button ?

[Image: 331eih1.jpg]


it is a CSS button with background image from a sprite image (~/images/buttons_sprite.png)

html code is at forumdisplay_newthread template
admin panel >> templates >> default templates >> Forum Display Templates >> forumdisplay_newthread
<a href="newthread.php?fid={$fid}" class="button new_thread_button"><span>{$lang->post_thread}</span></a>

global.css consists of below style property for that background image
a.button.new_thread_button span {
	background-position: 0 -340px;
Hi :m:,
thank you for your answer!
I want to do something wrong under any circumstances. I did not quite understand what to edit . We have the French language pack.

Can you make an example of me ?
For us , for example, the button is described only with Sujet (new thread ).
I want to label the button with "nouveau sujet "

Can you help me?

~/inc/languages/french/forumdisplay.lang.php file consists of that Sujet value for $l['post_thread'] - you can change it
re :m:

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