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How do I get a background like MyBB?

Like the white background is still there around the content, but then another background. (just like mybb)

is this what you mean?

#main {
background: #fafafa url(;


I guess. Just want to make the content a white background with a grey border, and using an image repeat for the background.
There is no #Main though.
the code above will repeat x and y,,,,and it should be the pattern white/gray you see at the sides..

To be clear,,, if you use the normal theme, add this to the body

background: #fafafa url(;

Or even better, open the link above, save the image, and upload it to your /image/
background: #fafafa url(/images/p4a.png);


Well the "id" main doesn't excist in the default theme of mybb.

Gosh, I realy have to get into this again. I've had a forum before a while ago but forgot everything i learned o.0
I did change the post above in the meantime, to include what you should do if you're using a normal theme


I tried that already, though.

No results when adding it.
.content in your case....

BUT normal the content would have a max width, and the body would then use the rest, and therefore normally this would be in .body and not in .content.
In .wrapper
I would set a max width, with margin: auto;

and set the background to body.

.wrapper {
min-width: 970px;
max-width: 1500px;
margin: auto auto;
width: 85%;


Sorry, I don't understand =/
First remove background at .content

from line 53

And then add the background to .body
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