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Full Version: Users in AdminCP have strange timestamp
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The 'last-visited' time in my AdminCP (/admin/index.php?module=user) looks strange in the dutch language after upgrading to 1.8.
In the English version is shows the correct time of users last vist, in dutch it shows just a few numbers.
See under 'Laatst actief' (last active).

[Image: 290ppts.jpg]
What can I do to get it also working in the dutch language?
does it show fine if you use English language for admin panel ?
Yes, in English everything looks fine. Do you know the name of that .lang-file so I can look to find differences between the english and dutch version?
no, language file should not cause that. run file verification tool to find missing / changed php files.
This is the result of the 'file verification' tool:

admin/modules/user/users.php Changed
inc/languages/english/admin/config_module_meta.lang.php Changed
inc/languages/english/admin/user_groups.lang.php Changed
images/buddy_online.png Changed
images/buddy_offline.png Changed
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Native.php Missing
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Shell.php Missing
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/String.php Missing
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Xdiff.php Missing
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Renderer/Inline.php Missing
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Renderer/Unified.php Missing

I really don't know what this means? Do I have to re-install all these files?

PS: In my opinion it should have something to do with the dutch language file because the English language works fine.
Do you know wich language-file contains the words for this page; I have to do some language-editing on that page anyway.
admin/modules/user/users.php changed file should be responsible for the referred issue. needs replacing.

related English language file => ~/inc/languages/english/admin/user_users.lang.php

two reported language files => if you have not changed them then replace them from MyBB 1.8 pack

files reported from inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/ folder => rename the files with the capital letter at beginning
Thanks '.m.', that solved the problem.
Just another question; In wich language-file I will find the words above in the black space (Avatar, joined, Username, Last visit, Post count, Thread count, Referrals etc.)? I have to do some modification in dutch overthere.

[Image: 290ppts.jpg]
^ they should be in user_users.lang.php (admin languages folder)
(2014-10-03, 09:26 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ they should be in user_users.lang.php (admin languages folder)

You're right, exept the word 'Controls'. It's not there, any idea where to find it?

[Image: 14dog2x.jpg]

EDIT: I've found it allready; 'Controls' is in the lang/global_lang.php directory.