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Full Version: How to chant text size?
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Hi all

i have a forum here: and as you can see the text is a little too small. How can i make the text on the forum a bit bigger?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

looks like text sizes are already changed (18myskins theme)
You seem to have several text sizes in your forum, and not all seem very well balanced. The sizes are defined in several places, so it's hard to give a simple answer.

Use a browser that can show you the source code and styles affecting each text item (like Chrome, Safari, Firefox). Then right-click a word in your forum post, heading, menu, etc. and choose "Inspect Element" (or similar, this is in Chrome) from the menu. From there, you can see which css styles apply to the element in question, and where they are defined. If you look at the "Computed" style (again, in Chrome), you'll see exactly where the font-size property is defined for that element, so you know where to make the change.

Here I assume you already know how to make changes to the css files and where to find them. It's also good to have basic understanding of html and css. If you don't, you'll have a hard time customizing your themes.

For example, the font size in your forum posts is defined in the file "global.css" on line 1143 (a class named "post-body"). The top navigation items' text size is defined in file "18MySkins.css", line 101 (class "nav"). Etc, etc...
You need to edit "global.css and define the size there. You will find this css file at "templates".