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Full Version: Problems with embedded video in posts
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When I post a new thread that has an embedded video, the video does not show up.  But if I add a reply thread to the new thread it will show up in the reply threads.  Why is this?  I just did the newest upgraded to 1.8.  Any suggestions??? Here is the example of the code that I am using.

<video id="sampleMovie" src="" controls></video>
This code loads a mp4 that is located on my server that needs to be embedded in the thread.
<video id="sampleMovie" src="" controls></video>

Rob Tozier

<video id="sampleMovie" src="" controls></video>
Have you enabled HTML in your forum? Or are you using a plugin for HTML in Posts?
I've enabled HTML in a forum, posted the same code in a thread and a post and both were displayed. Rejecting as I guess a plugin is causing this.