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Full Version: Smiley not displaying,problem with CKeditor
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I just change from vanilla to mybb and i change the host too,

I discovered that some pictures from vanilla are still showing, like the favicon

The smilies are not showing, how do if fix that?

[Image: editor.png]

I installed ckeditor but kind of too large and increased the load time, (have to deactivate it) how can i get something simple like the one here(mybb community forum) or is there any adjustment for something simple.



Well u could upgrate to Mybb 1.8. It's the same editer like on here.
But then u are limited to plugins because 1.8 is very new..

Once u upgrade from 1.6.x to 1.8 I don't think there is a way back so take a look at it i'd say :p