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Full Version: Alignment Problem - Can Anyone Help ?
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Since switching to 1.8 my portal 'post' alignment has gone strange and the user details & avatars are missing - Having tried to solve this problem myself I am now totally at a loss & need help.

A picture speaks a thousand words:

[Image: alignment.jpg]


Note: Please be aware you are looking at a cropped image - Ignore the left hand side, that's the crop and not the issue at all.
One of your "min-width" is wider then % of container I guess.
But to be shore, give us ( or pm) the url
What is you url forum?
Having changed from 'horizontal postbit' to the 'classic postbit' in ACP plus User CP for the first time I notice this:

[Image: alignment-2.jpg]

Help !!

Fyi everything (apart from width - had same issue when width was default 85% too) is default.
Perhaps worth mentioning also is this was an upgrade & not a fresh install.
Anyone? - this is doing my head in!
^ your picture is showing MyBB 1.8's stock theme but your forum has a different theme. post a test user account to check
I have two forums - the one linked to in my sig is fine.

To be honest I would rather not give access.
^ not asking admin account!
I'm sure the problem comes from an issue with my 1.6 before upgrading!
on the portal page, if you want posted by details to align left then
portal_announcement template
<td class="trow2" align="right">
<span class="smalltext">{$lang->posted_by} {$profilelink}  - {$anndate} - {$lang->forum} <a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/{$announcement['forumlink']}">{$announcement['forumname']}</a> {$numcomments}</span>
change alignment to left in <td class="trow2" align="right">

let me know if I am mistaken about your requirement

portal_announcement_avatar template code
<td class="trow1" style="text-align: center; vertical-align: top;" {$useravatar['width_height']}><img src="{$useravatar['image']}" alt="" {$useravatar['width_height']} /></td>

on your forum portal page, avatar width is taken as 0 - find out the cause

btw, there are two bugs related to MyBB 1.8 portal page
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