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Full Version: Removing Top Links images
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How do I remove the top link images without losing the panel images? 


It's linked with a sprite image  Undecided
One way is to remove background img in global.css
Find and remove background image
#header li a

Sorry that will delete panel images. 1 sec


If I remove the image then I also remove the icons in the panel. Which is not what I want.
That is why I hate sprites =/
well, you can try adding below style property at the bottom of global.css
ul.top_links a:link {background-image: none!important;}
remember to hard refresh your browser (eg. press CTRL + F5) after saving changes to global.css


It worked  Big Grin

I always add things at the top though, I don't like to scroll down all the way if I want to edit something I added.