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Full Version: Editor doesn't work and smilies don't clickable
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Hi, editor doesn't work and smilies don't clickable, could you tell me if this piece of code is right? 

In newthread template:

<div><strong>{$lang->thread_subject}</strong></div><div>{$prefixselect}<input type="text" class="textbox" name="subject" size="40" maxlength="85" value="{$subject}" tabindex="1" /></div>

<div class="clear"></div>

<div><strong>{$lang->your_message}</strong><br />{$smilieinserter}</div><div><textarea name="message" id="message" rows="20" cols="70" tabindex="2">{$message}</textarea>

<div><strong>{$lang->post_options}</strong></div><div><span class="smalltext">

Thank you
Number 1. I guess your newthread.php is longer than this, including request for head, javascript and so on. But why do you use <div> and not stay to the original code?
I don't like tr and td Big Grin I preferer div, for me it's more easy also for a responsive or mobile theme
ok...................what about a own css for mobile and tabs? Then there is no need to change to div.

But that's just an option

But still with div's you'll have to call header javascript and so on
If I add a theme css only for mobile, then users on desktop (when will access to forum) will upload desktop css + mobile css?
NO thats why there is minimum width,,, if it is under,,,, make a mobile css,,,, and desktop will then since they have over minimum width, just download the "normal" css
Ok, thank you. Anyway I have uploaded newthread template from default 1.8 but smilies and editor don't work Sad
Ctrl + F5 ?
Uhm nothing Sad if I use default theme (but I think it is default theme uploaded from 1.6..) smilies are clickables but I still don't have editor.

If I create a new theme from ACP and new template, it is a clean version of 1.8? so I re-do theme of the forum
After update to 1.8. go to acp > templates & style> templates>Find updated templates, and 1 by one press option, reverse to original. see if that helps.. you'll then get 1.8 templates.
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