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Full Version: Quote in PM reply
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I think it is a bug - in PM when you wanna reply to someones message there is shown:


There shouldnt be shown [quote] tags. It should be same like in quick reply where you see this:
What? Please don't report issues that are connected with plugins - I guess you're using the Quickreply Advanced Editor (referring to the attachment image) which is not in core as you can clearly see on this forum...
No, I use MyBB latest GitHub version! And the picture is taken from MyBBforum Smile
It has been like this since I started using mybb - the quote is always inserted when replying to a pm.
OK, maybe a feature request for next version? 1.8.x? It is a minor thing
@Eldenroot, default Quick Reply doesn't show quotes like that
If I use the multi quote reply in quick reply the same happens. Full editor is not supported by default on neither quick reply or PM.
He doesn't talk about full reply/quick reply. What he means is that the pm reply adds the previous message as quote while the post reply doesn't add it.
Omg, @.m. - you can try it on this mybb forum... the image is taken from here

@Jones H - Thank you, you are right!
^ original post is saying different thing !
for me, it means : PM reply showing Quote tags and it should show like Quick Reply.

I do not see Quick Reply showing quotes in formatted manner

if you have SCeditor in WYSWYG mode then reply to post (full reply) shows formatted quotes
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